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Product Parameter锛?/strong>
Model: DDH-300T
Brand: Howfit
Accuracy: JIS Special Grade
Capacity occur point: 2.0 mm
Stroke: 30mm
Stroke per minute: 100-450 s.p.m
Bolster area: 2300脳1000 mm
Bed opening: 1900脳300 mm
Slide Area: 2300脳900 mm
Die height adjustment stroke: 50 mm
Die height adjustment motor: 2.2 kw
Linear height: 210卤15
Main motor: 55 kw
Total weight: 65 Tons
Outline Dimension: 3550脳2100脳5340 mm
Press products:
Product Introduction锛?/strong>
Motor Core Blanking Line Press Machine
The stamping automatic production line consisting of three-in-one feeder and precision punching machine integrates high-efficiency unwinding, material feeding control, leveling optimization, precision feeding, grading adjustment, environmental protection and energy saving. It not only completely rids the previous stamping production line, but also has a cumbersome operation. The image has achieved the comprehensive improvement of various technologies such as stable and reliable unwinding, high leveling feeding precision, and no gap matching in the process.
Although the precision of ordinary stamping is low, it also has its specific market demand. The thickness of the base material is thicker, and it does not need cutting, cutting, stretching and other processes. The stamping material is sheet metal, pipe material and so on. When the demand of the product is small, the requirement can be met by ordinary stamping.
Customer friends can choose what kind of punch to choose according to their own stamping characteristics. If the requirement of large stamping parts and high precision, they can choose high precision punch when budget permits. If the precision of stamping parts is not very high, and stamping is carried out by ordinary sheet metal, then ordinary punch and low-speed punch can be selected to produce stamping parts.China Blanking Line Machine

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