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1. Introduction
Nozzle type: spiral, vortex, direct injection
Connection type: thread, bond, flange, customized
Flow range: 5m3-130m3
Angle: 60掳 90掳 100掳 110掳 120掳
Spray form: solid cone, hollow cone
Application: absorption tower slurry spray, flue gas inlet cooling,slurry agitation, fog eliminator flushing
The spray shape is hollow cone, the injection area is annular, the injection angle is 90 掳or 120掳, and the droplet particle size is medium. Convenient installation, good atomization, not easy to block, nozzle service life is long.
2. Technical Data Sheet
Temperature of application鈩?/p>1380鈩?/p>
Open porosity%锛?.1
Bending strengthMpa250 (20鈩?
MPa280 (1200鈩?
Modulus of elasticityGPa330 (20鈩?
GPa300 (1200鈩?
Thermal conductivityW/m.k45 (1200鈩?
Coefficient of thermal expansionK-1 脳10-64.5
Acid-proof alkaline
3. Characteristics
(1) The most wear resistant and corrosion resistant vacuum reactive sintered silicon carbide materials were selected.
(2) There is no internal separation.
(3) It is not easy to block and allows large diameter particles to pass.
(4) The connection mode includes hoop connection, flange connection, thread connection and winding connection.Silicon Carbide Ceramic factory

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